Report on the ethics workshop "Common good, Community and Sovereignty" (in German only)

Within the DigiMed Bayern project there is a lively exchange about ethical questions and terminology in the form of regular ethics workshops. The second workshop "Common Good, Community and Sovereignty" took place in a shortened and digital form on May 26, 2020. The report can be found here.

TTN edition 2019: Gemeinwohl, Polis, Individuum. Bioethik im Kontext.

Editors: Therese Feiler. Mit Beiträgen von Yannick Schlote, Hendrik Meyer-Magister, Therese Feiler und Niklas Schleicher.

TTN edition is the institute's digital publication series. Texts and articles are regularly published in the TTN edition, which provide stimulating and convincing arguments on the broad subject area of ​​applied ethics and on the TTN priorities.