Comparison of genetic risk prediction models to improve prediction of coronary heart disease in two large cohorts of the MONICA/KORA study

Alina Bauer, Astrid Zierer, Christian Gieger, Mustafa Büyüközkan, Martina Müller-Nurasyid, Harald Grallert, Christa Meisinger, Konstantin Strauch, Holger Prokisch, Michael Roden, Annette Peters, Jan Krumsiek, Christian Herder, Wolfgang Koenig, Barbara Thorand, Cornelia Huth

Originally published 03 June 2021

Genetic Epidemiology

How Machine Learning and Statistical Models Advance Molecular Diagnostics of Rare Disorders Via Analysis of RNA Sequencing Data

Lea D. Schlieben, Holger Prokisch and Vicente A. Yépez

Originally published 01 June 2021

Front. Mol. Biosci.

Bank, Archiv oder Bibliothek? – Denkmodelle für das ethische Fundament von Biobanken
Banks, archives or libraries? Models for the ethical foundation of biobanks

Therese Feiler, Yannick Schlote, Heribert Schunkert, (Philine Diesselhors, Ulrich Gassner, Florian Kohlmayer, Moritz von Scheidt, Ruoyu Sun, Jens Wiehler), DigiMed Bayern-Konsortium

Originally published 27. April 2021

DOI: 10.1055/a-1294-1291

Dtsch Med Wochenschr 2021; 146(09): 623-626


The Transcription Factor MAFF Regulates an Atherosclerosis Relevant Network Connecting Inflammation and Cholesterol Metabolism

Moritz von Scheidt, Yuqi Zhao, Thomas Q. de Aguiar Vallim, Nam Che, Michael Wierer, Marcus M. Seldin, Oscar Franzén, Zeyneb Kurt, Shichao Pang, Dario Bongiovanni, Masayuki Yamamoto, Peter A. Edwards, Arno Ruusalepp, Jason C. Kovacic, Matthias Mann, Johan L.M. Björkegren, Aldons J. Lusis, Xia Yang, and Heribert Schunkert

Originally published 25 Feb 2021

Circulation. 2021;0

TTN edition 2021: Vernunft und Wissen. Zur Ethik in der Krise.

Herausgegeben von Therese Feiler. Mit Beiträgen von Yannick Schlote, Oliver Dimbath und Arne Dreßler, Sebastian Kistler, Stephan Schleissing, Hendrik-Meyer Magister und Therese Feiler.

TTN edition ist die digitale Publikationsreihe des Instituts. Im TTN edition werden regelmäßig Texte und Beiträge veröffentlicht, die anregungsreiche und überzeugende Argumente zum weiten Themenfeld der angewandten Ethik sowie zu den TTN-Schwerpunkten erarbeiten.

Podcast: The Heart in Medicine, History and Culture

Interview with Therese Feiler

Posted on December 10, 2020 by Brandy Schillace

Antihypertensive drugs in COVID-19 infection.

Sara-Joan Pinto-Sietsma, Michael Flossdorf, Veit R Buchholz, Joost Offerhaus, Hidde Bleijendaal, Martijn Beudel, Paul G A Volders, Rachel M A ter Bekke, Tom Dormans, Peter-Paul Zwetsloot, Peter de Jager, Steffen Massberg, Patrick Rämer, Clemens Wendtner, Ellen Hoffmann, Kathrin Rothe, Susanne Feihl, Thorsten Kessler, Yigal M Pinto, Heribert Schunkert

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, Volume 6, Issue 6, November 2020, Pages 415–416

Genetically determined intelligence and coronary artery disease risk.

Ling Li, Shichao Pang, Lingyao Zeng, Ulrich Güldener & Heribert Schunkert

Clinical Research in Cardiology (2020)

The Heart in Medicine, History and Culture

Therese Feiler, Joshua Hordern

Med Humanit; 2020;46:352–361.

What's the Damage? Proportionality and the Ethics of Crisis Response

Therese Feiler, Talk given at the ScanBalt-Forum, September 2020

Abstract: The Covid-crisis is perceived as an example of preventive medicine, the chance to install a new digital health economy and to increase cross-border cooperation in terms of medical data exchange. This paper approaches the field from the perspective of ethics, drawing on authors such as Oliver O’Donovan, Francisco de Vitoria and Immanuel Kant. It focusses on the principle of proportionality, which will be revisited both with a view to the Covid-response and personalised medicine. I argue that proportionality tends to be exclusively determined in a forward-looking manner, with reference to a particular aim. However, in order to prevent mission creep, contradictions and subsequent, disproportionate damage, the principle of proportionality also needs to be applied retrospectively. Moral agents need to ask: What is the actual damage? From this, a couple of remarks on P4-medicine and the planned joint declaration of the ScanBalt Forum will follow.

Download: here

Report on the ethics workshop "Common good, Community and Sovereignty" (in German only)

Within the DigiMed Bayern project there is a lively exchange about ethical questions and terminology in the form of regular ethics workshops. The second workshop "Common Good, Community and Sovereignty" took place in a shortened and digital form on May 26, 2020. The report can be found here.

TTN edition 2019: Gemeinwohl, Polis, Individuum. Bioethik im Kontext.

Editors: Therese Feiler. Mit Beiträgen von Yannick Schlote, Hendrik Meyer-Magister, Therese Feiler und Niklas Schleicher.

TTN edition is the institute's digital publication series. Texts and articles are regularly published in the TTN edition, which provide stimulating and convincing arguments on the broad subject area of ​​applied ethics and on the TTN priorities.